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"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, how she put on her make-ups, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

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Mar 13, 2011 11:12PM


Mar 11, 2011 8:24PM

I thank Allah for everything<3 Im going to work extra harder now. Like what my form teacher said, dont stop the engine, must keep it going. Like what i stated in my previous post, i am always lack of confidence. But im going my best to gain my confidence back. There's this saying "To gain your confidence, you must do things that you're afraid of". I can say almost all my teachers believe in me making through O's. Hopefully i will. No wait, i MUST let it happen. So yeah im going ahead. Anyway, march holidays are here! My god, my schedule is damn damn packed with school that i cant even fit timings or days to meet my beloved ones. Just imagine almost every single day school gonna end at 4 or 5pm. It's like a school day. Okay, it looks like im complaining but yeah i cant help it. So hectic right. Haha. Only friday, sat and sun of the march holidays week no school. Other than that, i have school almost every day. Whats worst, tmrww im having Malay workshop thingy and i have to reached school as early as 7am! Not only that, assignments are pilling up like nobody's business. Plus i need to start on my revision. I've already have a timetable for myself. Hopefully im able to stick to it<3


Move on, its so scary that this afternoon tsunami and earthquake hits Japan. More than 40 died. Not only that the earthquake then hits beijing? And alot of countries are on alert for the signs of tsunami. New zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia and many more. Omg, im super duper scared. My heart really goes out to those who lost their family members. Even the Yen value went down. Im like sitting infront of the television turning into the breaking news to keep me updated. Its really really scary. My heart really feel unease. I cant even do my work. People, let's pray for them and also for ourselves. Hopefully, we all will be safe, Amin.

Mar 3, 2011 5:07AM

Im in the middle of doing my F&N coursework and its killing me, my god! I slept ard 10pm plus last night and woke up about 1.30am just now. A daily routine for me, i have to wash my face and indulge myself with ice coffee before i can proceed doing my work. So far, everything has been okay. I just need to focus more and throw away my negative thoughts. It has been affecting me somehow. I tell myself its okay to make mistakes because we're human beings. Most importantly, we have to learn the mistakes and try our best not to ever ever make that mistakes again. I admit, i may look the strongest on the surface, but there's this weak soul living inside of me. Im the type of person who is afraid of making mistakes and failure. Because i know i can do better than this, i know that. Im also afraid of the future, particularly mine. To summarised things up, im afraid of my abilities and flaws. But ibu has been encouraging for almost every single day to just keep going. I swear without her in my life, i would be nothing. I am super duper grateful to know that everytime i want to go home, there will be that one particular person who is waiting for my return. Who will asked me how was my day, asked me if im hungry and get ready for me the food immediately if i say i am. Who will give me big hugs, wipe off my tears, kissed me if i feel like my world has fallen apart. The one would asked me"Are you studying? Okay then i'll not disturb you, study hard." , who willing to wake up early in the morning to make me breakfast just because i said i do not want to eat during recess and save money. She NEVER EVER critisized about my abilities of flaws. She fully accept the way i am. She's none other than my mother. I know at times we got of fights but we'll make up for sure. She's a truly my bestfriend. I depend on her alot. Im sorry for all the shoutings, the "leave me alone i dont want to talk you now" and sometimes ordering you around, i am truly dearly sorry ibu. She's the reason i keep going<3


And wow, it's already the month of March, how fast is that? I didnt even realised it. And im going to be sixteen next month, wow i cant believe it im so all grown up. haha. Anyway later im having sports heats, somesort of qualifying round before sports day. Yessssss it been years since i last partcipate in sports day events. HSS dont have sports day last time, so yeah. Im taking part in the 100m and 4x100m relay with Ashley, Nana and Arifah. I kind of remember last time during primary school days when everybody got shocked i won first for the straight 3 years for 100m. Haha. Its because i used to be extremely fat last time. No joke. And they teased me about a fat girl who runs very funny in a way that give an earthquake -.- I used to just smile infront of them when they said that and go back crying! hahahaha. I miss those days. Okay talking about this, i miss my CTP peeps. Meet up soon guys<3


Kayyy anybody who is reading this has just wasted 5 mins of their time! ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD, i've wasted 15 mins of mine! Back to coursework :(

Feb 13, 2011 9:21PM

I spent my day weekends fruitfully. I stayed the whole day at home yesterday as well as today doing my piles of homeworks. Alhamdulilah, all completed. Imagine i took two days to complete all homeworks that is due this week. I took about 3 hours alone, yes no kidding to do chem. That goes for physics too. It's 9pm now and im left with revisions before i head to bed. I got math common test  tmrww and chem on wed. My math teacher, Ms Ong was absent for almost the whole week and we missed about 3 or 4 lessons :( And tmrww is common test which includes the topic on probability i think. But i heard from sebastian its not tested for our class only. That friday when i had free periods, Chen Shuen taught me and sebas the topic. I could understand half-half only and that is why im so worried if that topic comes out for the common test. It will be totally screwed then. But on the positive side, the other topics includes matrices, standard deviation and algebra im quite okay with all. Im going to do my TYS and redo all the qns of worksheets on those topics. I'll sleep around 10.30pm after i revised for about an hour or so and wakes up at 2am tomorrow to revise again.


Work was damn fun on Friday! Had lots of laughters with my workmates. Mind you those dudes are like 20 years of age and yet they act like a bunch of toodlers. hahaha. Ahmad, Isk and Zul plus Kak Az! haha. If you havent know yet, im working only on fridays. Yes still at The Chicken Rice Shop @ Vivocity. Im working to give less burden to my mum. I want to be independant and i need money for tuition. I envy those rich kids who can have anything they want without any difficulties. And how some of them takes granted of it. While me on the other side working so hard to earn for myself. Its okay, i remind myself constantly that to just work hard now and have the productive results later, hopefully. It is all up to the man above. I pray oftenly to him to give me the strength to face challenges that comes my way. Insyallah everything will be turn out smoothly and fine :) Arios<3

Feb 7, 2011 9:10PM

Had a tiff with mum last night. Cried like hell alot. Was pretty down till this morning. And suddenly it all changes right after math period. Why? Math test results was announced and i got the highest in class?!?! Can you believe it? I totally cant and was simply speechless. I wanted to cried that moment itself but i tried hard not to. The whole day i was simply waiting to go home and hug my mum. Teachers like Ms Ong and Ms Chia praised me like alot. I totally didnt expect it. Imagine an F9 to A1? I got 24/25, i was really happy, only God knows. I thank Allah countless of time. You might be reading this and think whats so big deal about it but it is to me. First ever time, i got highest in/at something. Im gonna strive real harder from now on.

I am always a disappointment to my family especially mum. I know i disappoint her like alot for the past few years. Mum, im sorry i was out of my mind yesterday. I totally burst of and i am really sorry about it. Im gonna make you proud ibu one day. I'll show you i can be at my best and the best only daughter you can have. Just wait and see alright mum? I am going towards my goal, really.

I will be having two test tmrww physics and chem. Probably english too :( Im gonna burn midnight oil!! Wish me luck kay everyone. Pray for me! Amin<3